Youth Ministry Report

Youth Ministry Report                                     Kelly Lamb

The Year in Review:

This year has been largely relationship building. It has been a joy to be able to build relationships with our older youth. They are inspiring and have taught me so much. Together we have kicked off a study of Job, which was a recommendation from one of our youth. We will pick the study back up in the coming weeks.

It was beautiful to see the older youth share their stories to our community. It was encouraging and inspiring to hear their relationship with Christ. I believe that their witness was a breath of fresh air to our community and I hope next year they can do the same thing. 

Koryn and Gina have played an important role in relationship building and joining in with the youth. They have joined meeting times on Sunday (during the summer), as well as a few youth phone calls that we have had. They add a very special dimension to the group and are a beautiful part of our community.

COVID-19 has been a notable obstacle this year in relationship building and gathering. Relationship building and bible studies are possible virtually, but better in real life. Although COVID-19 has been a barrier to growth, offering a place for the youth to grow and study has been positive.

Vision for the Youth in the Year to Come:

I have 4 main hopes for the youth this coming year:

  1. I hope that we grow in our faith. I hope that we get to do this by continuing our study of Job, debriefing and learning from services, and offering a space for personal reflection and depth.
  2. I want to set up a mentorship system that would inspire personal, spiritual and community growth. I would love Gina and Koryn to meet with and mentor Miku and Sophia. This would be under my direction and I would provide them with materials. I would also then love to see Miku and Sophia mentor the younger youth. This model of mentorship would by symbiotic, each person mentoring would grow in leadership and get to encourage someone else.
  3. Fun! It is so important to have fun. I want to foster this by going on a youth trip this summer. (bearing in mind COVID-19 regulations) This would be a fun chance for youth to bring their friends, and have a lot of fun.
  4. I want to facilitate celebration and transition as Miku and Sophia move into the next era of their lives.