Wrap up of our 2nd year of the New Eden Garden Ministry!

Photo 2014-11-01, 1 00 01 PM           Photo 2014-11-01, 1 51 03 PM             Photo 2014-11-01, 12 59 28 PM

Photo 2014-11-01, 1 52 48 PM              Photo 2014-11-01, 12 19 52 PM

We have just finished our 2nd season of the Garden ministry on Nov. 1st (final harvest & clean up of the garden fields for next year).  We thank God that 51 individuals, comprised of people from 16 different national (ethnic) backgrounds joined our ministry this year (Canada, Japan, USA, Thailand, Syria, China, Malaysia, South Africa, Lebanon, Jordan, Singapore, Mexico, India, Caribbean Islands…)! We are so grateful for this multi-ethnic foretaste of Heaven. We will get together with garden volunteers for worship   gatherings this winter as well.  Please join us! We look forward to more developments for next year!