Our Mission

We are a church plant that seeks to reach out to many people, particularly to people of Japanese background.  Japanese Christians are a very small minority in our society, and the Gospel has not been heard by the majority of the Japanese people for centuries.  We have a mission to reach out to the first and also the succeeding generations of Japanese, new immigrants and their multi-racial families, as well as short term residents.

Canada has about 110,000 Japanese-Canadians by ancestry (source: 2011 Census) who are concentrated on the west coast, especially in the Greater Vancouver area.  New Japanese immigrants in Canada are often married to spouses with different racial backgrounds.


These Japanese people are dispersed throughout the Greater Vancouver area.  This creates geographical areas for outreach. The multi-racial aspect of these families brings a diverse mission field to our church. Also, the natural tendency for Japanese people is that they generally feel most comfortable in a small, deeply loyal group. Therefore, we aim to reach out to these people where they live, where their cross racial needs are present, and where their cultural tendencies, make them most comfortable. 

Our Mission style is one church but many congregations instead of the most tradition model of one church and one congregation.  This model is inspired by the Greenhouse Movement.

 One Church = Many Congregations