House “Church” Ministry

Bi-Weekly Gathering

Every Other Saturdays

1:00 pm – 2:30pm

@ a private home
near King Edward & Granville Street
Vancouver, BC


201206 Home Church      

On March 10, 2012 in a private house kindly offered by a Christian couple, Rev. Shihoko started a bible study for seekers, newcomers, and Japanese Christians who had been away from church for a very long time. This house gathering then became the foundation of the Church of All Nations – a church planting ministry.

Praise, prayers and the Word of God are indeed our spiritual food. And yet, We also enjoy some good real baking goodies after our study that graciously offered by a professional baker for us.

Why “House Church”?

  1. “House church” ministry in a private house setting suits the development of Japanese Mission in many aspects. Japan has about 600 years of Christian history, however, for centuries, this history is about severe Christian persecution. The succession of the faith during this time was through the underground “house churches.” Today, Japanese Christians are not being oppressed by the government authority, but the persecution comes from their spouses, parents, and families. Comparing to meeting in a church building, a private house setting is generally more acceptable to opposing family members.
  2. A private house gives an atmosphere that helps the Japanese people feel comfortable to open their hearts and suits the cultural tendency of preferring a smaller group.

We aspire to create more “house church” settings in many areas, especially for the “shut ins” or those who are less able to come to a worship service.