Welcome to the Church of All Nations!  The Church of All Nations is part of the Asian and Multicultural Ministries in Canada (AMMiC), a ministry of Anglican Network in Canada (ANiC) which is one of the founding dioceses of the biblically faithful Anglican Church in North America (ACNA),  continue reading…Welcome

Due to the ongoing pandemic, our community continues to be careful to follow the BC provincial

 If you or anyone in your family feels sick stay at home and get tested immediately.
 Please continue to sit in your household groups as much as you can. Please re-arrange
chairs as necessary to social distance yourselves.
 Masks are mandatory in indoor public settings for both adults and children over 5 years old.
Therefore, please wear a mask during the service and inside the GSV facilities.


 あなたや家族の中で具合が悪い人がいる場合は、家に留まり、すぐに検査を受けて下さい。
 できるだけ、家族単位で集まって、お座りください。物質的距離を取るために、必要な場合は
 大人と5歳以上の子供は、屋内の公共の場では、マスク着用が必須です。礼拝中に限らず、教会内で

August 7th, 2022

In-person Service at GSV at 2 pm – Preacher: Rev. Shihoko

What is New in the Month of August 2022

Rev. Shihoko

Sunday Services

August 7: In-person Service at GSV at 2 pm – Preacher: Rev. Shihoko

August 14: Devotional house worship 

August 21: In-person Service at GSV at 2 pm – Preacher: Rev. Shihoko

August 28: Small group Online Worship at 11 am (English Group) and 2 pm (Japanese Group) -Sharing time

There is no Bible Study this month. 

Nikkei Home Ministry

Wednesday, August 3: 10:30-11:30 am: Worship Service by Rev.Shihoko

Thursday, August 18: 10:30am-Visit & Fellowship bu Yuko-san

Online Sunday School 

No Sunday School in July and August

New Eden Ministry

Saturday, August 13th and 27th: 10:30am-2:30pm

(There is an art workshop on the 13th)

Our Daily Bread booklets have been delivered to us.  You can pick one up at the cabana.

New Eden Garden

We thank God that our work at New Eden garden ended this season, and we were able to celebrate it and worship God with so many people (38 people!) .  We thank God’s abundant blessings to us.  May God continue to lead the seekers who participated in this ministry to His salvation.  

Month of June Update

May 22nd – Update on New Eden Gardens

Pest control without chemicals
Inside greenhouse

Busy harvesting
Other vegetables are coming along
Some of the vegetables harvested
More vegetables

May 8th – Sixth Week at New Eden

Time to Harvest?
More seedlings planted
New Eden “Cafe”

May 1st – Fifth Week of Garden Preparations and Planting

Another Week of Growth
More Seeds Have Germinated

Seedlings in Greenhouse Ready for Transplantation
Another Big Bed Ready to Receive Seedlings from Greenhouse
More Color Added to New Eden

April 24th – Fourth Week of Garden Preparations and Planting

Raining – no activities – See what has happened in one week!

Some of the $300 worth of seeds generously donated by “West Coast Seeds”
More seeds have germinated
New Eden’s Greenhouse is up and functioning

April 18th – Third week of Garden Preparations – See progress

Ready for Transplanting
Many seeds have germinated
Frame of greenhouse is up

April 10th – second week of garden preparations at New Eden. See results of the hard works by our volunteers!

Seedlings germinating indoor
Seeds of various vegetables planted in neat rows
Preparing ground and site for our new Greenhouse

On Monday April 5th, volunteers were on hands cleaning up and preparing beds for planting.

Preparing planter boxes for planting

Children were helping

Cleaning New Eden’s “Club House & Cafe”

              New Eden Ministry

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New Eden Garden – Spring Newsletter (Click Here)

New Eden Garden – Spring Projects (Click Here)

The pandemic situation continues to impact our activities this year as well.   We are not able to set up ‘official’ volunteer days, due to Covid-19.  The provincial restrictions now limit the number of visitors / volunteers who can be in the garden at any one time to 10 people. We are looking at using an App (TimeTree) to allow people to schedule when/what time they would like to visit /work at New Eden, in order to manage within 10 people. New Eden Vancouver is open throughout the week.  Come and enjoy the garden!

If you would like to volunteer/ visit New Eden, please use the App., or contact the Tings.  

Video of New Eden (2020 Season) Click Here

Review on New Eden 2020 Activities and Plan for 2021 (Click Here)

Sunday School and Youth Ministry

In their Bible journey, children have read up to the Prophetic Books last month. Starting Holy Week, they learned a lesson on Palm Sunday and are going to learn Good Friday and Easter. Then they will be back to the Bible journey on April 11.

2020 Review and Plan for 2021

Sunday School Click here for report

Youth Ministry Click here for report

 Nursing Home Service

Nikkei Home Zoom meeting/fellowship

Wednesdays, July 7 & 21

2020 Review and Plan for 2021 (Click Here)

Our Daily Bread Ministries Canada – https://ourdailybread.ca/
Our Daily Bread University – https://christianuniversity.org/


House  Ministry  (Bible study, prayer, worship )

@ locations varied

Refreshment to follow