Fukushima Mission Trip Presentation!

Rev. Sihhoko Warren was invited again by local churches in Japan to preach, report on our ministry in Canada, & officiate for a baptism and a wedding for 2 weeks in March 2015.

Mrs. Soohwan Park, the leader of the “Fukushima to Vancouver Art Exhibit” at Regent Cllege 2015,  organized the trip.  Rev. Shihoko and Ken Warren accompanied Soohwan and her translator, Midori to Fukushima.

It was indeed  a shocking, yet meaningful trip.  It gave us deeper understanding about the groaning of the creation, our human greed and sin, Christ’s redemption, the calling for the children of God, and hope with perseverance. Please join us for our presentation on April 19th, 2pm at Good Shepherd Church Vancouver as well as on May 10th at the Church of Ascension in Langley.

IMG_2043 a ghost town with rows of giant black bags of radio-contaminated top soil that was removed from the land.

* Soohwan wrote an essay for Church for Vancouver (http://churchforvancouver.ca) about our recent visit to Fukushima, Japan. There are more stories about our trip to Fukushima on Soohwan’s blog, En Route to Fukushima.