The Beatitude Series (6)



January 24, 2021

­­­Verse of the week: “Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God.” Matthew 5:8


Look: This image is from Hyatt Moore

Coloring for the Children:



Here is a song by Brian Doerksen and sung by Jeremy Riddle:

Purify my heart

Let me be as gold and precious silver

Purify my heart

Let me be as gold, pure gold

Refiner’s fire,

My heart’s one desire

Is to be holy

Set apart for You, Lord

I choose to be holy

Set apart for You, my Master

Ready to do Your will

Purify my heart

Cleanse me from within

And make me holy

Purify my heart

Cleanse me from my sin, deep within

Think and Engage:

This week the verse is “blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God.” The song above is a beautiful reminder of the desire for our hearts to be pure. Let us be as gold, and precious silver! In a symbiotic fashion, may we be refined the more we know Christ and seek his beautiful face, and then come to him with purity of heart. My conviction is that this is a process that will last a life-time. As Jesus is sitting on the mountaintop with his disciples, He is expressing who the Kingdom of Heaven is for. At this point in time he says, blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God. What an incredible outcome. Can you imagine seeing God with your waking eyes? I long for the day!

There are a couple things about this particular verse the fascinate me. Often the term ‘pure’ can make us believe that we need to be already pure, in action, word and deed. However, there is a concept of pure here that means to “refine.” The refining of gold (as in the song above), is a purification process. Therefore, for those who are willing to be refined and have their beings pruned, you will more clearly see God. This purification process is a beautiful invitation to me. What does it look like to open ourselves up to the heart of Christ for our lives to be continuously purified? I think there is another side to the word ‘pure’ that we are free from corruption and sin. We are welcomed into the Kingdom of Heaven and Jesus is inviting us toward purification and inviting us to see God more clearly.

More than our actions being pure, this verse is speaking to the deepest part of us. The “heart” in this verse is referencing the deepest most central part of us. Our inner being, our spiritual being, the center of who we are. Yes, out of the purity of our inner most being our actions would be pure, but it is an invitation to the deepest of deeps to be purified and see God.

The invitation to see God is one of the most miraculous parts of these verses. It is not some distant far off promise. It says, you will see God!

Jesus, in His generosity is teaching and setting the stage for the most beautiful Kingdom of Heaven, where people are earnestly seeking the face of God, and as they are purified in the deepest part of them, they see God more clearly. Isn’t this a remarkable invitation?

Questions to consider:

What do you resonate with as it relates to this verse?

Do you see the purifying affect that Christ has in your life?

Is your deepest of deep attentive to the face of God?

Does your community come around you in supporting you toward seeking Christ in the depths of your being?

Spiritual Practices:

Individual Practice:

  1. Spend some time resting, maybe light a candle.
  2. Breathe deep and wait in silence.
  3. Let your inner being speak to you, in the deepest part of you – in your heart – what are the things you are hearing?
  4. As you focus in on who God is, what does his face look like to you?

Community Practice:

As you spend time reflecting on who God is, and as you seek his face. Spend some time in prayer for your community. Pray that the face of Christ is visible to those who know God, and those who are yet to know him. Rest into a beautiful rhythm of prayer as you go through your week.