Fukushima Mission Trip Presentation!

Rev. Sihhoko Warren was invited again by local churches in Japan to preach, report on our ministry in Canada, & officiate for a baptism and a wedding for 2 weeks in March 2015. Mrs. Soohwan Park, the leader of the “Fukushima to Vancouver Art Exhibit” at Regent Cllege 2015,  organized the trip.  Rev. Shihoko and Ken Warren…

Blessed Mission Trip to Japan

God has richly blessed our 2 week mission trip to Japan.  Rev. Shihoko Warren preached at services and baptized 4 people. About 90 people came to  the  services each Sunday. Many Japanese people showed their strong interest to attend our services and garden ministry in Canada in near future! 約2週間の日本での宣教の働きが、祝福のうちに終わりました。2週にわたる説教&4名の洗礼の礼拝に、約90名近い方々が集まりました。また、連日の諸集会も、主の大いなる導きのなか、実り豊かな時となりました。多くの方々が、将来、私たちの礼拝や畑の働きに参加するため、カナダ訪問を願っています。主が、今後も、日本の諸教会とのよき関係を祝福してくださいますように。

Mission Trip to Japan

Rev. Shihoko Warren has been invited by her home church in Japan and other groups to preach, baptize, and share the mission work in Canada, at the end of this month.  Please pray for this mission trip as she develops relationships with churches in Japan.