Sunday School Report

Sunday School Ministry Report                                                           Rita Seiki

Sunday School Ministry Report for 2020 – 2021

Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me and do not hinder them, for to such belongs

the kingdom of heaven .” (Matthew 19:14)

It was this time last year that I became the Sunday School Coordinator of CAN. And what a

year it has been! To all of us, life is no longer the way we used to know. Our church

community has also been greatly impacted. Ever since the March lockdown last year,

Sunday School has been online only. This is very challenging for me, the children, and their

parents too. Now I rely on the parents to teach the lessons that I prepare for the children

every week. I am very grateful to the parents to carry out this important job. And I pray that

the children will continue to grow and walk in God’s teaching, even under these unusual


I have been sending out Sunday School lessons every week. Last year, in March and April,

we had lessons focusing on Lent and Easter. I had also prepared Lent devotionals for the

children and families. In May, the lessons were on Jesus’ resurrection and Pentecost. In

June, we had a series on Trinity. Then in July and August, I did a series on “unsung

heroes”, looking at some of the characters that we do not usually study, from both the Old

Testament and the New Testament. During the Advent season, we had the children and

their families prepare the Advent lessons each week. It was wonderful for them to share

their special crafts, music, recipes, etc., on celebrating the birth of Jesus.

Since I would like the children to know more about the Bible from cover to cover, I have

started “Bible in a Year” since last September. We have read through the Pentateuch, and

right now we are onto the historical books. And what a journey so far! I hope that by the

end of this journey, the children will have a deeper understanding of the Bible, and most of

all, a deeper understanding of our God, who is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

In order for the children to feel connected, even though we are apart, I have started a

Sunday School cycle of prayer, and we pray for the children and youth each week. I also put

in prayer items so that the children can learn to pray for others in our church and in our


Let us continue to encourage and uphold each other in prayers, and I look forward to the day

that we will be able to worship together in person again.

Rita Seiki

Sunday School Coordinator