Ministry Report (Nursing Home Service)

  1. Nikkei Seniors’ Home ministry was also affected by COVID restrictions.  The Holy Communion service has been suspended since April.  In 2020, two Holy Communion Services were provided by Rev. Shihoko in February and March, and 13 people in total attended these two services.  Four seniors attended regularly, and a few church members also joined. 
  2. The ministry resumed in a different way. Zoom meetings started with coordination and assistance of Nikkei Home staff on October 28, 2020.  Due to Nikkei Home’s request, a meeting was initially allocated 15 minutes for each person; however, after one of the seniors left Nikkei Home, a meeting has been organized up to 30 minutes for each person, with each session occurring every other Wednesday afternoon. During the meeting we talk and pray together.  The seniors seemed to adjust well talking online (they use the term “TV phone”).  They seemed to enjoy the time and always show gratefulness after praying together.  They were surprised but incredibly happy to receive a Christmas gift from the church.  I felt these meetings and communication grew a sense of connection between the seniors and CAN; as a result, they were led to attend our Sunday online worship on December 20, 2020.  I would like to thank God who always work in unexpected ways, changing a situation that was seemingly negative to become a more positive one.  I also thankful to the Nikkei Home staff who put in the extra effort to make this ministry worthwhile. 

Yuko Liew (Interim Church/Ministry Coordinator)