Christmas Service 2016

This year, Christmas service was right on Sunday, December 25th! In Christmastide, we celebrate the birth of our Lord, Jesus Christ!   We also look forward to the Second Coming of Christ! We were grateful to worship together with our visiting families and friends.  We also had a wonderful supper together following the service.  

1st Advent Service 2016 led by CAN children & youth

CAN (Church of All Nations) Children & Youth led the first Advent Service, on Nov.27, 2016. They have planned the whole service and invited their friends and families to attend.   They are indeed bold evangelists!   We truly thank God for the gifts of His children and youth! It was indeed a joyful and hopeful service.  All…

Christmas Service 2015

Merry Christmas 2015! We truly thank God for the greatest gift of our Saviour, Jesus Christ given to us. Our preacher, Mr. Fouad Haf gave the powerful message “The King has come!”. We celebrated the birth of Jesus Christ with special songs by our gifted vocalists,  guitalist, pianist, and cellist. Sunday, December 20th, 2pm service was followed by special Christmas…

Confirmation Service

We celebrated 2 adult Confirmations in our service on November 1, 2015. Bishop Stephen Leung presided over this special occasion. May grace and peace be multiplied to you in the knowledge of God and of Jesus our Lord. 2 Peter 1:2

The Japanese artists coming from June 8-15th, 2015「フクシマ・アート展」の日本人芸術家たち来加

                    フクシマ・アート展を、描いた日本人芸術家たちが、6月8日ー15日の間、来加します。この間、いろいろなイベントがありますので、ご都合がつけば、是非ご参加ください。(以下ご参照ください) The Japanese Christian artists are coming to Vancouver June 8-15th.  There are a number of events planned during their stays here. Please join us in welcoming them to Vancouver. Events: *June 10  Wed. 12:00pm –1pm:   Regent College gallery welcoming the Japanese artists event *June 11-13 Thur.-Sat.9am-7pm: Art Retreat; “Soul Sustainability: Urban Renewal Through…

Fukushima Mission Trip Presentation!

Rev. Sihhoko Warren was invited again by local churches in Japan to preach, report on our ministry in Canada, & officiate for a baptism and a wedding for 2 weeks in March 2015. Mrs. Soohwan Park, the leader of the “Fukushima to Vancouver Art Exhibit” at Regent Cllege 2015,  organized the trip.  Rev. Shihoko and Ken Warren…

Christmas Service クリスマス礼拝へ

Please join us for the Christmas Service on December 21st  2pm (Bilingual service: English and Japanese).  We will have a Christmas pageant presented by our Sunday school students, carols, and a Christmas message.  We will have a celebration party after the service.  Let us celebrate the birth of our Saviour, Jesus Christ! 12月21日(日)2時から、クリスマス礼拝(日英バイリンガル)があります。教会学校の子供たちによる降誕劇やクリスマス・キャロル、メッセージ、礼拝後には、クリスマスの祝会があります。どなたでも、どうぞ、ご参加ください。イエス・キリストのご降誕をともに、お祝いしましょう!