April AMMiC Prayer Calendar

  1. Let us give thanks for the healing of many covid victims and for the availability and administration of vaccines in many countries, especially in Canada. We continue to pray for God’s intervention in the spread of Covid strains in the world. Pray to God for wisdom for medical personnel, and for health and government officials in the planning and overseeing of the vaccines distribution globally. Remember especially India and Brazil.
  2. Sanctity of Life Sunday – Anglicans for Life: Pray for protecting and defending the sacredness of life according to God’s value as taught in Scripture.
  3. Give thanks for our Diocesan Bishop, the Right Rev. Charlie Masters and Judy, Area Bishops, the Right Rev. Stephen Leung and Nona, the Right Rev. Trevor Walters and Dede, Episcopal Vicar and Founding Diocesan Bishop, the Right Rev. Donald Harvey and Trudy, Assisting Bishops, the Right Rev. Malcolm Harding and Marylou, the Right Rev. Ronald Ferris and Jan.
  4. Give thanks for AMMiC Clergy and evangelists – the Rev. Anson Ann, the Rev. Esther Ann Beaulieu, the Rev. Timothy Fong, Bob Gal, the Rev. Robert Gomowad, Selina Ho, the Rev. Lynnette Kent, the Rev. Chris Ley, the Rev. Tom Lo, the Rev. John Ngai, the Very Rev. Archie Pell, the Rev. Emmanuel Sadarak, the Rev. Paul Shen, the Rev. Allan Tan, the Rev. Angel Tong, the Rev. Canon Shihoko Warren, the Rev. Eric Wong and the Rev. Walter Wong. Pray for travel grace upon Rev. Angus Wu and his family in their relocation from Hong Kong to Vancouver at the end of May.
  5. Pray for the group of South Asian Christians in Brampton, ON – May God surround this group of believers with peace and grace to stay united.
  6. Praise God for the Church of All Nations, for the Rev. Canon Shihoko Warren, for wardens Hitomi Korstanje, Dr. Ken Ting and the congregation. Thank God for Rev. Canon Shihoko’s return to work at CAN. Pray God to continue to strengthen and guide her by the Holy Spirit. Pray also for God to bless our new study of “Christian Community”. We are so grateful that God provided the New Eden garden to appreciate its beauty and wonder of His creation. We pray that we can share God’s love and care through this garden with many people through the season.
  7. Give thanks for Emmanuel Anglican Church, Boston, MA, for Dennis and Jacky Pang, for their steadfast trust in the Lord and for God’s love and care for them. We pray for a suitable person to lead the church and nurture the members.
  8. Give thanks for the Rev. Esther Ann Beaulieu in Dauphin, Manitoba. May God provide grace and wisdom so that the ministry among Metis and First Nations people may bring Him honor and glory.
  9. Give thanks for Good Shepherd (Cantonese), Calgary, AB – Bishop Stephen, the Rev. Eric Wong, the Church Plant Committee and congregation. Pray for wisdom as the leaders plan and prepare for their summer outreach programs and church programs for the congregation in the pandemic.
  10. Praise God for Good Shepherd (Cantonese), Richmond, BC – for the Rev. Anson Ann, warden Wendy Cheng and the congregation. May the Lord continue to use GSR to serve and reach out to new immigrants in Richmond.
  11. Give thanks for Good Shepherd Vancouver – Bishop Stephen Leung, the Rev. John Ngai, the Very Rev. Archie Pell, the Rev. Allan Tan, the Rev. Angel Tong, Selina Ho and the Rev. Paul Shen, wardens Vivien Tang and Annie Tang and the congregation. Pray for fruitfulness in all their outreach ministries.
  12. Praise God for the Mandarin Ministry at Good Shepherd Vancouver led by the Rev. Paul Shen. Give thanks for the first Mandarin Worship Service to be held on May 16, 2021. May it be a blessing to all who attend. We give thanks for those who return to the Church and that God is raising up leaders in the Young Adult Fellowship. Continue to pray for faith to stay strong in face of challenges and temptations.
  13. Praise God for Mission Director, Valerie Yiu as she provides resources and support to church plants and parishes, and invaluable help in the planning of the 2021 online conference. Pray for her for wisdom.
  14. Praise God for Holy Trinity (Filipino), Edmonton, AB – for the Rev. Robert Gomowad, Hon. Priest, the Rev. Lynette Kent, Hon Assistant, Brother Bob Gal and the congregation. Pray that the church plant be strengthened with faithfulness and trust in the Lord for each day.
  15. Give thanks for St. Matthias and St. Luke Church, Vancouver, BC – Bishop Stephen as Interim Rector, the Rev. Chris Ley, the Rev. Walter Wong, warden Leo Chan and the congregation. Give thanks for the up-coming arrival of the new rector the Rev. Angus Wu, to Vancouver. Give thanks for the ability of the Rev. Angus Wu to preach in online worship services. May God guide SMSL into a broader and deeper blessing in the neighborhood for His Kingdom.
  16. Ascension Sunday / A Day for Rejoicing!: (1)The First Mandarin Worship Service at Good Shepherd Vancouver at 10:30am online. (2) Good Shepherd Richmond celebratig her 11th Anniversary at 1:30pm online Worship Service as a church plant and now as a parish.
  17. Pray for AMMiC Board of Directors: The Rt. Rev. Stephen Leung, Wendy Cheng, Ruth Lin, the Rev. John Ngai, the Rev. Angel Tong, the Rev. Canon Shihoko Warren and S.K. Yung. Zoom meeting tonight. May God broaden AMMiC’s vision and add wisdom in making decisions for missions.
  18. Give thanks for the Rev. Robert Gomowad for his steadfastness in pastoring the believers entrusted to him in Holy Trinity Edmonton as they continue to meet the challenges in this time of pandemic.
  19. Praise God for Selina Ho, evangelist at Good Shepherd Vancouver, as she continues to lead the Taste of Life Ministry in creative and effective ways to support the people in the restaurant industry.
  20. Praise God for the Rev. Chris Ley serving the English speaking congregation at SMSL Church; for blessing the congregation with clear teaching of the Bible and care for the people of SMSL.
  21. Praise God for the Rev. John Ngai serving the Cantonese speaking congregation at Good Shepherd Vancouver. May God continue to bless him with Biblical insights as he teaches the people at GSVan.
  22. Praise God for the Rev. Allan Tan as he serve the English speaking congregation at Good Shepherd Vancouver. May God’s grace and strength be in him as he plans goals and activities for the youth and the English speaking congregation.
  23. Day of Pentecost – “Suddenly a sound like the blowing of a violent wind came from heaven and filled the whole house where they were sitting. They saw what seemed to be tongues of fire that separated and came to rest on each of them. All of them were filled with the Holy Spirit and began to speak in other tongues as the Spirit enabled them.” (NIV) Acts 2: 2-4
  24. Give thanks to God for the Rev. Angel Tong, at Good Shepherd Vancouver. Pray for her for insight and sensitivity to God’s leading to a new church plant in Greater Vancouver.
  25. Praise God for the Rev. Eric Wong, Assistant Curate, Good Shepherd Calgary, for his witnessing for the Lord in the Cantonese speaking community. May God bless the works of his hands and guide him in his planning for GSC in these uncertain times.
  26. Give thanks for the Rev. Walter Wong, SMSL, as he serves the Cantonese speaking members, for his patience and wisdom shown in his pastoral work.
  27. Pray for the Electoral Nominating Committee (ENC) – appointed by ANiC Council to prepare for a list of qualified candidates for two episcopal elections coming up in 2021 and 2022 and chaired by the Ven. Paul Charbonneau, Executive Archdeacon.
  28. Pray for the AMMiC On-Line Mandarin Ministry Seminar to be held on June 17,2021. Please pray for the two speakers, the Rev. Dr. Leo Chia and the Rev. Dr. John P Jiang as they share their personal experiences to shepherd and minister to the Mandarin speaking people group.
  29. Pray for AMMiC staff & volunteers Mission Director, Valerie Yiu, Ministry Co-ordinator, Alvin Ng (part-time), Bishop’s Assistant, Nona Tong (honorary) and volunteers. Give thanks for their faithfulness all the time.
  30. Pray for the planning and preparation work by the House of Bishops, ANiC council and staff for Diocesan Synod 2021 to be held in November where a new Coadjutor bishop will be elected.
  31. As we seek to intercede for the Church and the world in the midst of a global pandemic, let us pray for a fresh outpouring of repentance and revival upon our nation and the world.