Spring is Here! Ready to Work?

Spring is here. New Eden Ministry will begin again on May 10 (Saturday).  If you are new to us, please contact Ken, who is in-charge of this ministry and is a professional horticulturalist and Arborist, at ken@allnationscanada.ca.  You can click here for the background of this special ministry.

Two Baptisms on Easter Day

We are glad to see that two young girls at All Nations (Japanese) received baptism on Easter Day – Sophia and Haruna.  Sophia gave her own testimony of how the love of God has touched her life and how the Christian witnesses of her maternal grandparents and parents has impacted her walk with Jesus. Haruna’s parents shared how they see…

Easter Celebration with Japanese Churches in the Vancouver area

日本人教会合同イースター祝会 April 25th Friday 6:00pm – 8:30pm @Yul Bahng Church (Gordon Presbyterian Church内) 7457 Edmonds St.,  Burnaby バンクーバー周辺にある日本の諸教会が、1つとなってイースターのお祝いをします。 日本人宣教に重荷を持つ韓国教会が、場所等をサポートしてくださっています。 ご都合のつく方は、是非、ご参加ください。6:00 –7:00pm dinner、 7:00-8:30pm 合同祝会です。 The Japanese churches in the Vancouver area will get together to celebrate our Lord, Jesus Christ’s Resurrection.  Koreans churches who have a burden for the Japanese mission will support this gathering. Please join us!…

Happy Easter!

イエスは言われた。「わたしは、よみがえりです。いのちです。わたしを信じる者は、死んでも生きるのです。」 ヨハネの福音書11:25 Jesus said, “I am the resurrection and the life. The one who believes in me will live, even though they die” John11:25

Blessed Mission Trip to Japan

God has richly blessed our 2 week mission trip to Japan.  Rev. Shihoko Warren preached at services and baptized 4 people. About 90 people came to  the  services each Sunday. Many Japanese people showed their strong interest to attend our services and garden ministry in Canada in near future! 約2週間の日本での宣教の働きが、祝福のうちに終わりました。2週にわたる説教&4名の洗礼の礼拝に、約90名近い方々が集まりました。また、連日の諸集会も、主の大いなる導きのなか、実り豊かな時となりました。多くの方々が、将来、私たちの礼拝や畑の働きに参加するため、カナダ訪問を願っています。主が、今後も、日本の諸教会とのよき関係を祝福してくださいますように。